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  • London, UK flag

    London, UKFrom £40.00

  • Amsterdam, NL flag

    Amsterdam, NLSold Out

  • Paris, FR flag

    Paris, FRFrom £100.00

  • Zurich, CH flag

    Zurich, CHFrom £80.00

  • Frankfurt, DE flag

    Frankfurt, DESold Out

  • Edinburgh, UK flag

    Edinburgh, UKFrom £75.00

  • Glasgow, UK flag

    Glasgow, UKFrom £125.00

  • Tokyo, JP flag

    Tokyo, JPFrom £90.00

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Quality. Delivered. Explore the wide range of features available at Zare.

DDoS Mitigation

All of our servers are protected from DDoS of up to 160Gbps by utilising Corero’s Smartwall technology.

1G and 10G Uplinks

Stay in the fast lane with high capacity 10G fibre uplinks available across our entire fleet of global servers.

Firewall Settings

You're in control with the ability to view historical DDoS attacks and make changes to your protection settings.

RAID Monitoring

Monitor the RAID array health of your server and be immediately notified if something begins to show signs of failure!

Extended Graphing

View in-depth service statistics for your server network throughput, port errors, packets per second and port utilisation.

Automated Provisioning

Your server can be automatically provisioned to a wide array of operating systems and partitioning setups.


Set rDNS/PTR records easily for all your IP addresses via the Zare Manager, including bulk updates for mass changes.

Bandwidth Pooling

All servers under your account pool bandwidth resources, helping you avoid unwanted overages.

Blacklist Monitoring

All IPs are monitored 24/7 to ensure you are immediately notified in the event of a listing to help you to resolve issues.