Our Locations

To achieve the high standard of service quality and resiliency that we strive to deliver, attention to detail starts quite literally at the ground level by selecting world-class datacentres distributed throughout Europe to operate from.

  • London, UK flag

    London, UK

  • Amsterdam, NL flag

    Amsterdam, NL

  • Paris, FR flag

    Paris, FR

  • Zurich, CH flag

    Zurich, CH

  • Frankfurt, DE flag

    Frankfurt, DE

  • Edinburgh, UK flag

    Edinburgh, UK

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    Glasgow, UK

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    Tokyo, JP

Selected Datacentre

Docklands Data Centre

Nestled in the heart of the London Docklands, our City Reach datacentre offers customers several different services to facilitate both the needs of the introductory and professional levels of business. With 23,000 square feet of data hall space at our fingertips in this Tier 2/3 aligned facility, we can accommodate the needs of most organisations. The redundancy is strong with this one; consideration has been given to ensure high resilience at all stages of service delivery, including our network presence and the physical infrastructure and utilities available in the facility.

DDCL / City Reach


ISO9001 Accredited Facility

ISO27001 Accredited Facility

PCI DSS Compliant


24/7 CCTV Monitoring

On-Site Security Personnel

Locked and Coded Racks

Pre-Arranged Access Lists

Photo ID Verification Checks

RFID Card Access Control


N+1 Backup Generators

N+1 Energy Efficient Chillers

N+1 UPS Infrastructure

A+B Power Feeds

VESDA Fire Detection

FM200 Fire Suppression