Our Data Centres

We provide services in two UK locations, London and Bristol.

Our London data centre location is in the heart of London Docklands, boasting some of the highest specifications.

  • Tier 2/3 aligned facility with 23,000 square feet of data hall space available.
  • N x 10Gbps Layer 1 (OS1) wavelengths to primary routing site located within Telehouse North
  • N x 10Gbps Layer 1 (OS1) wavelengths to secondary routing site located within Telecity Harbour Exchange 8/9
  • Top of rack switches fed from 2 different distribution switches for redundancy (Layers 1-3 redundancy)
  • A & B - 32A power feeds as standard
  • N+1 level UPS configuration
  • N+1 cooling configuration (minimum)
  • 2 x 1500kVA generators on site, with 4 day fuel supply with plans to add a 3rd (N+1 configuration)
  • 1.5 MVA on site power connected, with plans to upgrade to 3.0 MVA
  • 24/7 on site security and technical staff
  • ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited facility operator
  • FM200 and VESDA fire suppression system installed
  • Carrier neutral facility with DataHop, COLT, BT, Goscomb, Epsilion, Global Crossing (Level3), Telstra, Telecom Italia, Zayo and many more on site already.

Our data centre facility in Bristol, UK is owned and operated privately by Zare's parent company, Hydra Communications Limited. Below are some specifications per data hall;

  • Tier 1 aligned facility with 1,000 square feet of data hall space available
  • N x 10Gbps Layer 1 (OS1) wavelengths to core routing equipment located in London's Telehouse North.
  • N x 10Gbps Layer 1 (OS1) wavelengths failover onto MPLS backup network connecting via alternate physical route(s) to London's Telehouse North
  • Single 16A (230V) power feed per rack on independent breaker
  • N+1 Riello UPS system with 80 minutes dedicated runtime for server racks
  • N+1 Riello UPS system with 80 minutes dedicated runtime for climate control systems & site core network equipment
  • Data halls climate controlled at 22oC (+/- 2oC) within cold aisles
  • Onsite transformer fed with 2x 11kV feeds
  • Carrier neutral facility
  • Onsite staff and monitoring around the clock
  • 100% private, authorised personnel only

Our Network (AS200039)
Carrier ASN Capacity
Bandwidth Tech AS25369 100Gbps
LINX - 20Gbps

London Latency Test

Bristol Latency Test

Corero Based DDoS Protection

All services are protected with over 100Gbps of DDoS protection capacity via our Corero SmartWall appliances. Be asured that your server will stay online, even in the event of the biggest attacks.

  • London, City Reach
  • Bristol, Aztec West
  • Amsterdam, Evoswitch

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