Terms of Service

Before you purchase our products or use our services, you must affirm – by clicking the checkbox – that you have read and agree with the following Terms of Service.

You should also read and regularly review our Privacy Notice , Terms of Use , and Anti-Money Laundering guidelines, which are presented at the bottom of each of our websites.

Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice includes information on how we collect, use, and protect your personal data according to the UK GDPR.

Terms Of Use

Our Terms of Use summarise your responsibilities as well as the general protections available to you when you visit our websites or use our products and services. These terms set out what constitutes using and misusing the products and services we offer.

Anti-Money Laundering

Our Anti-Money Laundering guidelines outline the identity verification and financial compliance practices that are in place to protect both you and us.

About us

Hydra Communications Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 07780501. Its registered office is at The Enterprise Centre, Earlham Road, Norwich, England, NR4 7TJ.

Zare, Nitrous Networks, Bandwidth Technologies, PrimeNodes, and ELHostingServices are trading names of Hydra Communications Limited.


Hydra Communications is VAT registered (VAT no. GB154693388). Most of our goods and services are charged at the standard UK VAT rate. VAT rates will update once a shipping address is provided at checkout. Note that VAT is also due in the normal way on any goods or services sold in exchange for cryptoasset exchange tokens.

If you are an overseas customer ordering from us, you agree to pay any duties or taxes that may be imposed by your country’s government. If you omit to do so, and thereby prevent the delivery of your order, you will remain liable for the purchase price of the goods as well as any duties, taxes, or penalty imposed by your government.

VAT fraud is taken seriously by Hydra Communications as well as by HMRC. It is a criminal offence in the UK to facilitate tax evasion, and we have appropriate prevention procedures in place, including the customer identity verification procedures listed below.

About You

Age Requirment

You must be over the age of 16 to sign up to any of our services or place an order.

Identity verification

When you sign up to any of our services or place an order, we or our third-party payment processors may ask you to verify your identity. You might be asked to supply a copy of a photograph on an official document that confirms your name, your residential address, or your date of birth. Other sources of customer identity information can include the electoral register and information held by credit reference agencies.

Verification requirements can differ by region and/or payment amount; enhanced due diligence may be completed in relation to high-risk customers and large transactions. Additional verification may be required such as proof of identity to confirm that you are at least 16 years old. If we are required to process special categories of data, we will ask for your prior consent.

Personal data protection

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, you have the right to be informed about the collection and the use of your personal data; the right to access your personal data and supplementary information; the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified, or completed if it is incomplete; the right to erase your data in certain circumstances; the right to restrict or object to processing of your data in certain circumstances; the right to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes across different services; and the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling.

If your data is processed in compliance with Money Laundering Regulations, this will be on the lawful basis of legal obligation. It will be kept in a form that allows identification of you for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data was processed.

Details are provided in our Privacy Notice .

Our services

Remote hands

Remote hands services are available at all of our data centre sites. Depending on the services agreement, such support can cover the installation, removal, or replacement of components; hardware; cabling; operating systems; and remote connection and configuration services.

Onsite support

Onsite support is available and charged for on an hourly basis, with pricing bands increasing according to when callouts are made (i.e., Monday to Friday, 09:00–17:00; Monday to Friday, 17:00–09:00; or Saturday to Sunday, 24 hours).

Data loss and protection

We are not responsible for the backing up and integrity of customers’ data. You are responsible for your own data; should data loss occur, a refund cannot be offered.

If you have outstanding bills for your services, this may lead to data loss through server reinstallation after five days of payment being overdue.

Suspension or cancellation

Our products and services will be available on a best effort basis. We will not be liable for damages resulting from the unavailability of one of our websites, products, or services.

We may suspend or even cancel the access, operation, availability, or liability of our goods and services for technical, operational, or maintenance; upgrades, security fixes; deployment of new services; legal, security, anti-abuse; or any other reasons within the scope of managing the operations of Hydra Communications, our websites, and our services.

We may withdraw any of our services at any time and are entitled, at our sole discretion, to terminate, suspend, or restrict the use of our services, especially in the event of customer failure to adhere to these Terms of Service or our Terms of Use.

In no event shall we be liable for any type of misuse or abuse by someone using our websites or a purchaser of our products and services, or for any damage caused therefrom.

Paying for our services and goods

Details of all the services and goods we offer are listed our websites, where you can sign up and purchase your selected items directly.

Payment can be made using any of the options listed on our websites. Payment shall be due before delivery, unless we have agreed and set up a trade account.

If you would like more information about a product or service prior to purchase, you can contact us by phoning 0800 080 3330 (international: +44 800 080 3330), or by using the other means of contact provided on the website.

Overseas orders

When we provide a service or goods to you outside of the UK, the third-party payment service provider may collect information from you as evidence of where you normally live. This will show that the correct rate of VAT has been charged and will be accounted for to the correct tax jurisdiction.

You may be asked for your billing address, including the country, or your telephone number, including the country dialling code. When you pay for the goods or service, our payment service provider will obtain and supply to us notification advice containing the two-character country code of your country of residence. We can check that these two sets of information match, and record these details in our accounting records; if they do not match, we will contact you and ask you to resolve the discrepancy.

Further examples of supporting evidence include the IP address of the device you use, your bank details, the country code of the SIM card you use, or the location of your fixed landline through which the service is supplied, as well as other commercially relevant information.

We reserve the right to not ship to unconfirmed addresses.

Third-party payment processors

Third parties such as PayPal and Stripe that process customer and payment data routinely complete customer due diligence on our behalf. PayPal’s customer due diligence programme, for example, collects certain identity details at sign-up, and then additional ‘know-your-customer’ information according to assessed risk. Email verification may be requested for the address on a PayPal account.

Stripe utilizes adaptive machine learning to evaluate every transaction and assign a risk score, then blocks or allows transactions based on the risk of fraud. BitPay ID verification includes documents such as your passport or driver’s license. Coinbase’s system combines up to 200 identity validation and anti-forgery checks with identity abuse and fraud monitoring.

All third-party payment processors’ privacy and data protection policies should set out how they collect, store, use, and protect your personal information.

Sales pricing

If prices for our goods and services are reduced – for example, due to a sale or high stock levels – existing pricing cannot be lowered or amended to the sale pricing. You also may not order a server in a sale or at a lower price to replace an existing server of the same or similar specification. (You may order sale- or lower-priced servers in addition, as long as you do not cancel any within a specified time period.)

We reserve the right to terminate, suspend, or charge your account extra should you attempt any such prohibited purchasing approaches.

VAT rate(s)

Prices will include VAT at the applicable rate. Overseas customers are responsible for settling any import VAT and duty in their country of residence.

Reseller discount

Resellers are bound by the same terms as our other customers, irrespective of their onward terms for their own customers.

To qualify for a reseller discount, an order must meet the following requirements:

If, as a reseller, you are found to be ordering servers without fulfilling these criteria, the order(s) will be adjusted to the correct price and you will be proactively invoiced for the difference.

Overdue payments

By adding your card as a payment method you give permission to be automatically billed for overdue invoices even when auto-recharge is not enabled (auto-recharge is for hourly billed cloud servers only).


If you do not wish to renew a service with us, you must confirm your cancellation directly (e.g., via the order page or Zare Manager; not via email or a ticket) BEFORE the service is overdue. If you do not cancel, another 30 day billing cycle must be paid for. Overdue invoices will be sent to collections whereupon a third-party company will contact you in order to recover the debt as well as administration fees.


our goods or services are found to be faulty, you will be offered a full or partial refund, depending on the reason for the fault, the total price paid for the affected service, and/or the time remaining on your billing period.

However, if your use of our goods or services has contravened our terms, you won’t qualify for a refund at any point during your billing period.

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