Our Locations

To achieve the high standard of service quality and resiliency that we strive to deliver, attention to detail starts quite literally at the ground level by selecting world-class datacentres distributed throughout Europe to operate from.

  • London, UK flag

    London, UK

  • Amsterdam, NL flag

    Amsterdam, NL

  • Paris, FR flag

    Paris, FR

  • Zurich, CH flag

    Zurich, CH

  • Frankfurt, DE flag

    Frankfurt, DE

  • Edinburgh, UK flag

    Edinburgh, UK

  • Glasgow, UK flag

    Glasgow, UK

  • Tokyo, JP flag

    Tokyo, JP

Selected Datacentre

IOMART Glasgow DC1

Located to the close to the City of Glasgow, IOMart’s DC1 location is a vast facility is designed from the ground up to cater to large scale server hosting and colocation. Power and cooling supplies are guaranteed through various levels of redundancy to ensure service availability at all times, even when something goes wrong. We can provide a range of bare metal dedicated servers and transit services from this location, including our state-of-the-art DDoS protection offerings through direct and remote connections.


N+1 Diesel Generators

N+1 Static UPS Systems

N+1 Air Conditioning Units

72 Hours On-Site Fuel Storage

A+B Redundant 16A Feeds

Advanced Smoke Detection System


24/7 CCTV Monitoring

24/7 On-Site Security

24/7 Enviro Monitoring

Keycard & Pin Access Control and Logs

Intrusion Alarm System