Mounting ISO's via the Manager

Support Article

Mounting ISO's via the manager is an easy way to perform a custom install if the provisioner does not have the required options.
  • Head over to the tools tab under the server you wish to mount an ISO and select the Mount ISO tab.
  • Using the dropdown menu, select which ISO you require and click mount, this will mount the ISO from a SMB share to the server
  • Download the KVM/Console from the main page for the server using the square "KVM/Console" button, run the console.
  • Restart the server and when booting, press F11 when prompted to load the boot menu, once this has loaded, you will see the ATEN option, select this.
  • The server will now start loading the ISO, perform the install.
  • After complete, please unmount the ISO from the Mount ISO tab (It will auto unmount in 24 hours)

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