Why is my server suspended?

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There are many reasons that your server may be suspended, below we will cover the most common reasons and how you can go about resolving them.

Overdue on invoices

The most common reason for your server to be suspended is due to being overdue on your invoices. Invoices are sent out 2 weeks before your billing date to ensure that you have ample time to make payment. If for any reason the billing date you are assigned does not work for you then please contact our staff team as soon as possible.

To resolve this suspension, simply pay the outstanding invoice on your server, or contact our team if you require additional time.

Outstanding Abuse Reports

Another common reason for suspension is due to outstanding abuse reports not being handled. We send an email every time we receive an abuse report for one of your IP’s. We then expect you to investigate and handle these within 3 days in most cases, however more time critical reports should take precedent.

Our staff team may contact you via our ticket system regarding certain reports or outstanding Spamhaus listings. We expect these tickets to be replied to within 3 days unless specified within the ticket.

If we have received no reply to the abuse report or open ticket then our team may be forced to suspend your server. If you have any questions or concerns about outstanding reports then please contact us as soon as possible.

Billing and payment issues

If you are aware of a payment being “On-hold” or being investigated further then you should contact our team immediately so we can take steps to keep your service online. We’re more than happy to assist in these situations if we are notified with ample time to spare.

Further to this, any outstanding payment disputes on your server will lead to that server being suspended until the dispute is resolved. If you have any issues with your server or feel you have any reason to dispute a payment then please contact us first so we can resolve this in a way that works for both yourself and us.

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