DDoS Redirect Options

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The protection sensitivity option give you an extra level of control when it comes to our DDoS mitigation.

By changing the redirect option it will allow you to choose whether you want traffic to be filtered 24/7 or to only filter in the event of an attack.

We highly recommend using "Redirect On Attack" mode, as this will give you the best latency.

Here is a quick breakdown for the redirect modes;

Mode Description
Redirect On Attack When our system detects a DDoS attack, it will redirect your traffic through our Corero SmartWalls to scrub the back traffic out. (Roughly 8 second delay on redirect to DDoS filters)
Always On Your traffic will flow through filters 24/7 regardless of whether there is a DDoS attack. This is good for very sensitive software/game servers that cannot have any sort of downtime.

If you have any more questions relating to this, don't hesitate to contact our support team by opening a support ticket.

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