Changing your servers time settings (Linux)

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On Windows operating systems this can be very simple to do, however on most Linux flavors this can be quite difficult. For the purpose of this guide we will show you how to change your date/time to IST (Indian Standard Time) which equates to UTC+5:30.

  1. Login to your server
  2. Enter the following command to disable NTP/Auto Sync
  3. timedatectl set-ntp 0
  4. Now enter the following command to set your preferred timezone, in this case we are setting it to Indian Standard Time
  5. timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Kolkata
  6. Now you will want to set the current time and date in that location
  7. date -s "28 DEC 2018 14:38"
  8. Now enter the following command to confirm the changes have been made
  9. date

Now your date/time should be swapped across to your preferred timezone. If you have any issues with this guide or are having trouble setting this up then please let us know.

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