How to install NTop

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NTop is an open source web-based traffic analysis and network monitoring tool. The tool comes with a handy and easy to use GUI that can be accessed via your servers IP. Setup of this is very simple, it only requires a few steps;

Step 1

Installation over all systems is quite simple, the following command will install the tool for you;

sudo apt-get install ntopng -y

Now you will need to start the process with the following command;

sudo /etc/init.d/ntopng start

Step 2

You will now want to open your web browser and navigate to your servers IP with the port 3000. An example of this would be;

You will now be presented with a login page, the default login details are;

  1. Username: admin
  2. Password: admin

You will now be prompted with a change password screen, make sure that your new password is secure as this page will be accessible by anyone. Once changed you will be presented with the dashboard, like so;

From here you are able to see the breakdown of your network as well as use a large assortment of other tools. We do also suggest that you run any available updates that appear listed on the page to help keep your system safe and secure.

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