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The introduction of the new GDPR legislation gives clients more control over what data is collected about them and how long that data is stored. With this legislation comes the ability for a customer to request this data. Requesting your data is a very simple process that only takes a few seconds, just click the button below;

Please be aware that we may ask for additional proof of identity before we can hand over the requested data, this is a standard security procedure that we carry out from time to time.
We will reply to your request within 4 weeks, from here we may ask for further proof of identity as well as a few security questions. Once complete we will hand over the data in standard format (.txt or .PDF), whereby you can review the collected information.

Example Request Format

Dear Hydra Communications Limited,

I hereby formally request that a copy of all physical or digital personal data is provided to myself in a readable format.

I acknowledge this request may take up to 4 weeks to process.

I also confirm I am an EU or UK citizen, the original account owner and I will be subject to additional identity checks.

Best Regards,

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