How to ping your servers IP address

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The first thing you need to do is open up the Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal if you’re using a Mac.

Opening Command Prompt on Windows

• Click the start button, type ‘CMD’ then press enter
• Your best match is usually the ‘Command Prompt’, if should look something like this:

Opening Terminal on Mac

  • Click Finder then navigate to the ‘Other’ folder using the default Mac settings
  • In your Other folder you should see an Application called ‘Terminal’, when opened it should look something like this:

Using either Command Prompt or Terminal enter the following command:


Replacing with your servers IP address

Upon a successful ping you will be left with 4 consecutive packets of data and their return information. On windows it will look something like this:

It will round up working out the minimum, maximum and average response times in milli-seconds.

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