How do we store your card details?

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Your card information is sent to our secure payment processor Stripe, and stored there. You can read up on their world class security here;

What do we store?

  • We store the last 4 digits of your card number so you can identity which card you want to be used as default. The last 4 digits are not unique to your card.
  • A tokenized hash from Stripe so that we can identify your unique card within our system. These tokens are invalidated whenever you removed your card and cannot be used by anyone else, even in the very unlikely event they are stolen. All tokens can be invalidated by ourselves instantly.
  • Your cards expiry date so that we can remind you to update your information.

What we DO NOT store

  • Whole card numbers
  • CVV numbers (3 digital on back of card or 4 on front for American Express)
  • Card start and end date
If you have any further questions about how your details are stored, please do not hesitate to contact us,

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