Below is more information and specification of the above baremetal product.

24 Hour Setup

Please note that any non-standard drive configurations can increase the setup time of the dedicated server.
1 x 240GB SSD
2 x 240GB SSD
2 x 500GB SSD
2 x 1TB SSD
This is the amount of bandwidth your dedicated server can use each month. (We count in+out together as inbound is DDoS filtered)
1Gbps Unmetered
You get 1 x free IP with each dedicated server, you can purchase up to a /24 with RIPE justification.
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1240v5
Processor Ghz 3.5 Ghz
Processor Max Ghz 3.9 Ghz
Processor Cores 4
Processor Threads 8
Processor Cache 8MB
Base Memory 16GB
Memory Type DDR4 ECC
Port Speed 1000Mbps
Base Transfer 30TB
IPMI/Console Yes
Dual PSU Yes
Redundant Power Feeds Yes
RAID software

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