Expansion into Paris, France

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On the 3rd of December 2020, Hydra Communications completed the expansion of it's network into Paris, France. 
The first site within Paris we've chosen to make a key point of presence on our network is Interxion's PAR5 data centre. Ideally located just a few miles outside of the city centre, and close by to many key data centre campuses such as Telehouse and the Equinix PA facilities; Interxion's PAR5 data centre enables us to expand our reach within Europe, opening many new opportunities for us and our customers alike.

As part of this expansion into Interxion PAR5 we've deployed a Juniper MX480 edge router and an additional Corero NTD280 device to provide low latency filtering right at the edge of our network. The Juniper MX480 router is equipped with 2x MPC4E-3D-2CGE-8XGE line cards, 2x SCBE2 control boards and 2x 1800X4-16G routing engines providing us with up to an additional 560Gbps of interconnection capacity right off the bat, and the potential to scale this to 2.8Tbps in the future!

Within Interxion PAR5 we're already connected to the following key carriers / exchange points;

- Telia at 20Gbps
- Cogent at 20Gbps
- GTT at 10Gbps
- France IX at 100Gbps

All this and more than enough interconnection capacity between our key points of presence within Europe! This includes..

- 100Gbps to Telehouse North 2
- 100Gbps to Iron Mountain AMS1
- 100Gbps to Interxion FRA15
- 20Gbps to Interxion ZUR1

Whilst we don't have any plans as of yet to start offering servers in Paris in the near future, we are able to offer the following services at very competitive rates right now!

- IP Transit services (GE, 10GE & 100GE port sizes available)
- Layer 2 interconnects between any of our on-net sites (With various levels of bandwidth to choose from)
- Remote DDoS protection (Easily delivered via physical cross connect or GRE tunnel)

If you have any interest in any of these services, feel free to reach out to our friendly sales team on sales(at)zare(dot)com.

Our expansion into Paris marks a key steppingstone in the development of our European network as we branch out further across Europe into 2021 and beyond! The introduction of Paris enables us to further expand our already extensive regional peering, with the addition of France IX to our network bringing many new peering opportunities (we operate an open peering policy, so if you'd like to establish peering with us, please email peering(at)zare(dot)com). 

Paris is but one of a few locations we're currently expanding our network to. Other's include Zurich (Switzerland) and Frankfurt (Germany) which are scheduled for go live by the end of January 2021.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their committed support as we continue to work tirelessly in building a top tier network within Europe that both us, and our customers would be proud of! Without you all it wouldn't be possible so thank you.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for; a couple of pictures of the rack! 


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