SuperMicro Microcloud Power Consumption

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In this blog post we will compare the power consumptions between several different Microclouds with various processors/disks and memory. At Zare we only use SuperMicro equipment and 99% of this is Microclouds. Overall we do this because firstly we save huge amounts of space which is very important in expensive metros and secondly they provide huge power savings due to shared fans, power supplies and other components. Whilst there are limitations to Microclouds, they still remain the best choice for Zare and the most profitable option for baremetal.

Chassis Model: SYS-5039MC-H12TRF
Total Blades: 12
Processor: Intel Xeon E-2234 (4 core)
Memory: Average 32GB DDR4 ECC
Disks: Average 2 x 250GB SSD
Network: 1Gbps copper

Average watts (Input)Average amperage (Input)
PSU 1244 (W)1.072 (A)
PSU 2238 (W)1.029 (A)
TOTAL482 (W)2.101 (A)

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