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Product FAQ

Can I reinstall my operating system?

Bare metal Servers can be reinstalled at anytime automatically from within the manager, here is a guide if you need help doing this.

What happens if my bare metal servers hardware fails?

If you hardware fails, it is our responsibility to replace it, no cost will be incurred on you. If your server hardware cannot be successfully diganosed, we will move you to a entirely new machine along with all your data.

Do I need to pay any setup fees?

Setup is completely free on all our products, you won't have to pay a penny, however we offer a voluntary £50 setup fee which will in turn reduces your monthly payments by £5 for as long as you rent the server.

Do you offer custom servers?

Yes, we can build custom servers, all you need to do is send us an email of the exact specifications you want, we will then prepare a quote and a custom order - once paid we will build and deploy your server. Sometimes custom server builds will require for you to pay a small setup fee to cover any components that cannot be re-used by ourselves.

What software can I install?

You may install any software on your dedicated server that is legal in the United Kingdom

How much bandwidth is included with each server?

All dedicated servers get a 1Gbps uplink as standard, bandwidth limits vary depending on the selected server.

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