Why choose Zare

SSD Only

Our servers utilize the latest and fastest SSD technology available.

DDoS Protection

All servers are protected from up to 100Gbps of DDoS via global filtering PoPs.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Our network consists of the highest quality Tier-1 providers.

Rapid Deployment

Spin up your very own Cloud server in seconds or a Dedicated one in hours, truely rapid.

Simple Billing

Cloud servers are billing hourly and Dedicated are monthly to make your hosting the most cost effective.


Manage your Dedicated or Cloud server via our RESTful API with total control.

Corero Based DDoS Protection

All services are protected with over 100Gbps of DDoS protection capacity via our Corero SmartWall appliances. Be assured that your server will stay online, even in the event of the biggest attacks.

  • London, City Reach
  • Bristol, Aztec West
  • Amsterdam, Evoswitch

Firewall and DDoS Attack Log

You can see an array of different information via the firewall log, this includes target IP, target port, attack type (UDP, TCP, ICMP, DNS and NTP amps, HTTP flood, SYN pps and attack size per protocol), total attack size, total pps and the time the attack started.

  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Detailed Firewall Log
  • PPS & Attack Size

Extended Graphing and Port Statistics

Our panel provides in-depth graphing and port statistics for all servers, including packets per second (unicast and non-unicast), ingress + egress traffic, error rates, average packet size and utilization.

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